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kikafulo has been the market's source for the premium club making parts for the past 40 years.

kikafulo is the golf market's most total source for golf club elements, club making tools and products and technical details. kikafulo has been offering clubmakers and other golf devices professionals with a total enhance of exclusive club head styles complete choice of brand shafts and grips for more than 40 years.

kikafulo is acknowledged throughout the market for supreme golf devices style innovation. All metal woods and irons used by kikafulo have are developed by kikafulo Technical Group through using the exclusive Playability Aspect. Obtained through more than 34 years of golf club style and useful fitting experience.

The greater the Playability Ranking of a club head style, the simpler the club is to regularly strike. All club head styles provided by kikafulo have a Playability Aspect of Ultra Video Game Enhancement, Super Video Game Enhancement or Video Game Enhancement. That offers club head styles from kikafulo a measured efficiency score that no other golf devices producer can match.